Woman of the Year

Woman of the Year

California Legislature Woman of the Year - 2005

California Legislature Resolution

California Legislature Resolution

By the Honorable Lori Saldana

76th Assembly District; Relative to Commending

 Judy Forman 

      Whereas, Judy “Beauty” Forman has been selected as the 2005 Woman of the Year for the 76th Assembly District in recognition of the vital role she has played in imporiving the quality of life in her community and state; and

      Whereas, Born in Rochester, New York, and raised in Carlton Station, a town with a total of 17 houses, Judy attended Waterport Elementary School; and

      Whereas, Musically talented at a young age, Judy played the glockenspiel in the marching band and also played piano; and

      Whereas, During her junior year in high school, Judy traveled to the Philippines as an AFS student, and while there, she rode in parades, wearing beautiful gowns, and she was a great “diplomat” from the United States; and

      Whereas, Judy enrolled at Michigan State University in 1965, where she was a political science major and, in 1969 she moved to Detroit and became a Social Worker; ten years later, she moved to San Diego and, after having some difficulty finding a job in her field, she began working as a dishwasher at a local restaurant, the Big Kitchen, and in June 1980, she purchased the restaurant from the owners; and

      Whereas, Being a Social Worker by trade gave Judy a special appeal to her customers, as she knows how to listen, care, and help everyone she comes in contact with – customer or employee; and

      Whereas, Judy took up the cause of obtaining after school programs for Brooklyn School and she found friends and colleagues who were artists and dancers to create the art and dance program, and the San Diego City Council awarded her a $100,000 grant to make improvements to the school yard; and

      Whereas, Judy receives constant accolades for her support of the Brooklyn School and she continues to be a good influence on the neighborhood; and

      Whereas, While managing her restaurant, Judy has been extremely active in her community, participating in events such as the Grass Roots Cultural Center, which was next door to the Big Kitchen; and she is a major contributor to the Woman’s History Museum; and

      Whereas, The Woman’s Monthly met at the Big Kitchen on Friday nights, where friends and community members told their stories, and Very Powerful evenings and Moms and Tots were also monthly happenings at the Big Kitchen; and

      Whereas, The Big Kitchen helps with benefits and spaghetti/spinach lasagna dinners for baseball teams and also caters for hospital meetings, church events, funerals, Balboa Park Museums, and political events; and

      Whereas, The Big Kitchen has been a community center for so many people, and the lively community spirit is exemplified by the art work and pictures throughout the restaurant, featuring customers, friends, and family; and

      Whereas, There are also pictures of Whoopie Goldberg, who Judy emceed for at the Old Globe Theater; and Michael Moore, the brother-in-law of one of the Big Kitchen’s original customers; and

      Whereas, Judy often sings at the restaurant, inviting the whole restaurant to join in the experience, and it is this joy of life and genuine warmth that endears her to her customers and the entire community; now, therefore, be it

      Resolved by Assembly Member Lori Saldana, That Judy “Beauty” Forman be congratulated on her selection as the 2005 Woman of the Year for the 76th Assembly District, commended on her exemplary record of achievements, and extended sincere best wishes for continued success in the future.

 Members Resolution No. 795

 Dated this 14th day of March, 2005


Lori Saldana

 Honorable Lori Saldana
76th Assembly District